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Wednesday Night Summer Series 6:30pm
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We are an independent, non-denominational congregation who follow Jesus, we listen to the guidance of the Bible and we actively serve God in the world. We are not perfect, but we are united in our belief that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, that He is at work in our city, through our church and in your life, too. We hope that you will be our guest and worship God with us this Sunday at NorthWest. Our door is open to you, and we hope you will feel welcome. We'd love for you to make this your church home.

Sun, Jul 21st

Who Knows?

Come join us this morning as we consider how our prayers might actually influence God.

Sun, Jul 14th

A Sinking Feeling

Join us this morning as we consider what it means to cry out to God in our lowest moments.

Sun, Jul 7th

"Insider Knowledge"

Come join us as we consider what Jonah and a handful of sailors can teach us about prayer.

Sun, Jun 30th

"A Father's Faith"

Do you believe, yet have feelings of unbelief at the same time? Today we contrast a father's faith with that of Jesus' disciples in Mark 9:14-29.

Sun, Jun 23rd

"Finding Faith"

Join us this morning as we consider the resilient, faithful prayer life Jesus calls us to.

Sun, Jun 16th

"A Comedy of Errors"

Join us this morning as we consider how to trust God in all situations.

Sun, Jun 2nd


Join us this morning as we consider what it means to live a life of faith.

Sun, May 26th

King Me

Join us this morning as we consider what it means to view God as the ultimate King.

Sun, May 19th

Call Waiting

Come join us as we consider God's calling for our lives.

Sun, May 12th

A Unifying Voice

Come and join us as we consider what it looks like to fulfill God's vision for unity.

Sun, May 5th

I Remember

Come and join us as we consider the faithfulness and love that God has for us.

Sun, Apr 28th


Join us this morning as we consider how God is worthy of praise and help provide for us.

Sun, Apr 21st

To Err is Human

Join us today as we consider God's mercy even in the face of our own rebellion.

Sun, Apr 14th

It Is Not Good

Join us today as we consider the blessing that God has given us of one another.

Sun, Apr 7th

It is Good

Join us today as we consider what we can learn about God, our world, and our place in it through looking at the story of creation.

Sun, Mar 31st

Life and Death

Join us this Easter as we consider how to live in the joy and hope of the resurrection.

Sun, Mar 24th

Pull Up a Chair

Join us today as we consider the significance of gathering around the table of the Lord together.

Sun, Mar 17th

A Worthy Manner

Our practice of communion is something that we are supposed to do together. Join us today as we consider what it means to fellowship with one another.

Sun, Mar 10th

In Remembrance of Me

Jesus instructs his followers to share food and drink together 'in remembrance of him.' Join us this morning as we consider what it means to remember Jesus together.

Sun, Mar 3rd

On the Rock

Amidst the storms of life, there is stability available to us. Join us as we consider Jesus's invitation to build our lives on the rock.

Sun, Feb 25th

Three Little Birds

Join us this morning as we consider what it looks like to accept God's invitation to radical contentment and trust, and a life without anxiety.

Sun, Feb 18th

Places in the Heart

Join us as we consider how our hearts might find rest in the heavenly treasure of serving God.

Sun, Feb 11th

Prayerful Consideration

Prayer is a big part of our world; billions of people from all manners of faith offer prayers every day. What, then, do we believe is distinct about Christian prayer?

Sun, Feb 4th

A Rewarding Experience

We like to get rewards. It is hardwired into our brains to perk up each time we are rewarded for something.

Sun, Jan 28th

Undeserved, Unconditional

God's love continues to surprise us. It continues to be bigger and broader than we could have imagined.

Sun, Jan 21st

A Disciplined Approach

Our hearts only have so much room, and there are many things vying for residence. Our greatest virtues and our darkest vices all want claim to pieces of our heart.

Sun, Jan 14th

Good Enough

Jesus declares that we are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. These two potent images warrant our investigation as we try to live out the identity we have been given.

Sun, Jan 7th

Bless Your Heart

Does God really see me, hear me? Does God know what I'm going through? And, most importantly, does God care?

Sun, Dec 31st

Special Delivery

Life has a way of looming over us. Things can seem big, threatening, and daunting until we are almost overwhelmed.

Sun, Dec 24th

Tender and Mild

Encountering God often brings us into the midst of paradoxes. God is the Great King and our Good Shepherd; God is the Lord of Hosts and our Loving Father.

Sun, Dec 17th

The Most Wonderful Time

Christmastime can often be intimate, small, and close. However, it is also a time we can be drawn out, bigger, grander, to witness the awe-inspiring greatness of God.

Sun, Dec 10th

A Dad's Job

The birth of our Savior is the very hinge upon which history begins to turn. 

Sun, Dec 3rd

Teaching to Fish

Jesus calls us to be his disciples. That means there is a certain kind of path, a certain kind of lifestyle that we are expected to follow.

Sun, Nov 26th

Right Place, Right Time

God is, indeed, moving and working in our lives today.

Sun, Nov 19th

Identity Crisis

We face lots of competing claims to our identity-forces trying to pull us in every direction.

Sun, Nov 12th

Taking the Plunge

God has plans, hopes, and purposes for your life. However, learning how to listen and discern where God is leading us is a difficult task.

Sun, Nov 5th

Water and Spirit

There are many ways to participate in a life of faith: we can be active in the church, we can study our bibles, we can help support and mentor one another, and the list can go on.

Sun, Oct 29th

God's Family Tree

The story of God's saving action in the world is long and inclusive. God is always extending open arms to invite new people into the family. 

Sun, Oct 22nd

Knowing Your Shepherds

The purpose of these messages is for the congregation to know its shepherds. They are real people with real life experiences. They have times of weakness, happiness, spiritual growth, and suffering. 

Sun, Oct 15th

"A Family to Love and Long For"

Part of our mission is to "Connect to Each Other in a loving family that grows together."

Sun, Oct 8th

Knowing Your Shepherds

The purpose is for the congregation to know its shepherds as real people who suffer, experience times of weakness, times of happiness, and times of spiritual growth.

Sun, Oct 1st

God's Love

Message from Buck Sellards and Jake Fortenberry.

Sun, Sep 24th

"The Mind of Christ"

In a world that encourages us to fight for our own rights and desires, that breeds selfishness and strife, we need to be reminded of the mindset and example of Jesus.

Sun, Aug 27th

Priscilla and Aquila: Models of Christian Hospitality

One of the most important virtues in early Christianity was the practice of hospitality.

Sun, Aug 20th

"Jonah: Angry at God Under the Shade Tree"

The story of Jonah has become a popular children's story about a miracle that saves Jonah from a whale when he prays.