Worship in person at the building will resume on September 20th at 9:30 a.m.!!! We will also stream that service live at 9:30, and you can join us on Facebook live or on Youtube live.

On September 20, the live stream of the 9:30 service will replace the former online streams that were at 9:00 and 10:00. 

More information on resuming our services on September 20th is available under 

We are an independent, non-denominational congregation who follow Jesus, we listen to the guidance of the Bible and we actively serve God in the world. We are not perfect, but we are united in our belief that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, that He is at work in our city, through our church and in your life, too. We hope that you will be our guest and worship God with us this Sunday at NorthWest. Our door is open to you, and we hope you will feel welcome. We'd love for you to make this your church home.

Sun, Jan 24th

Rise Up in the Community

What does it mean to go out into the world and especially into our community? When we go out and serve, what is the difference between us and an atheist doing the exact same thing? The answer is simple: we go in the name of Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Sun, Jan 17th

Rise Up In Church

Are we approaching God's church as those who are called to Rise up?

Sun, Jan 3rd

Rise Up

This morning we launch our new focus for 2021! We are the church and this coming year, we plan on acting on that declaration. This morning, we plan on talking about some things that we hope for this to look like.

Sun, Dec 20th

Everlasting Father of Joy

Isaiah describes Jesus as the "everlasting father." The term father has a variety of meanings to different people and this is largely based on what your relationship was/is like with your own earthly father. Isaiah promises a father who overcomes all dysfunctionality and places joy in our hearts.

Sun, Dec 13th

Wonderful Counselor

The arrival of Jesus marks the arrival of our Wonderful Counselor, What does this mean? Today we will discuss this and the radical impact He wants to make in our lives.

Sun, Dec 6th

Peaceable Kingdom

God long ago promised peace among enemies. His people have always waited. Join us this month as we celebrate the coming of God's peace offering - his son, Emmanuel, Messiah, Jesus, the Christ.

Sun, Nov 29th

Delivered Together

God has always watched over His people. A very major theme in His provision for His people both now and in the Old Testament, was that He watched over them as a whole. We are delivered together.

Sun, Nov 22nd

Delivered By Grace

Why did God use plagues to deliver his people? This week we study what it means that God is Lord over everything.

Sun, Nov 15th

Delivered from Ourselves

We all have a deep seeded question within us that we ask God and ourselves: Who am I? This morning we will look at Moses asking God just that question and then see how Jesus knew His own identity and continues to form our identity to look more like him.

Sun, Oct 18th

The Storm

The year 2020 has been a pretty miserable one for just about everyone. There's been a pandemic, mass quarantine, political unrest, and a slew of other issues and events that have caused an immense amount of stress on just about everyone. We have felt a loss on a number of levels in a loss of our routine, a loss in being able to meet together for a large portion of the year, a loss of major events, and some of us have lost people whom we held so dear.

Sun, Oct 4th

You Say You Want a Revolution?

Revolution is a forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new system. Revolutions of various kinds and degrees have occurred throughout history, and they are unsettling. Some say one or more cultural revolutions are occurring currently. Some Christians are asking how we should respond. My question is …

Sun, Sep 27th

The Power to Live as One

We've studied this passage several times and noted that Christians are to be unified, like-minded, not selfish or conceited but humbly putting others ahead of us. Both the world and the church desperately need to see people doing this, especially right now. We know our responsibility, but where do we get the power to live this way?

Sun, Sep 20th

Spiritual Wisdom

Life is especially complex right now, and we are in great need of wisdom. In Scripture, however, wisdom is not cleverness nor even knowing what to do. Rather, it is …

Sun, Sep 13th

Another Key to Prevent Drifting

We noticed last week that we face the danger of drifting away from the faith, especially during hard times. We may be tempted to think the solution to this is to be more strict with ourselves, but …

Sun, Sep 6th

Healthy Habits for Handling Hardships

I am struggling quite a bit, off and on, and all that is going on in our nation and world makes matters much more difficult. But I was blessed this morning when I remembered that the people who received the book of Hebrews were also facing hardships, and I was helped when I then re-read the divine advice in the book that encourages us ...

Sun, Aug 16th

Changing the World like Jesus

We noted last week that the world is terribly broken. Jesus encountered many broken people in his day as well. He taught us how to view them and showed us what they need.

Sun, Aug 9th

Momentous Announcement

By the time Jesus came to earth, Satan held virtually dominated mankind. Everywhere his the devastating effect of his tyrannical rule was apparent. But in Jesus God launched an invasion into Satan's kingdom that changed the course of human history. It all began with a simple but momentous announcement, a proclamation of good news:

Sun, Aug 2nd

Proverbs for Pandemics

We are all aware that we Covid 19 has put us into uncharted waters. As a result we are all searching for the best way to handle matters. While we may not find all the guidance and answers we yearn for ...

Sun, Jul 19th

Living In Fear

With fear surrounding us on all sides, how should we as Christians respond?

Sun, Jul 12th

How to Survive the Storms

At the risk of cliché, there are many storms in our lives. We have been in a big one for the last few months. There is also a major storm coming at the end of time, namely, the judgment. What can we do to make it safely through the storms and The Storm?

Sun, Jul 5th

American Independence versus Biblical Freedom

Independence was built in our nation from the beginning. We want to control our own destiny without anyone or anything interfering. Because this cultural value is so strong, we sometimes assume that the Bible's references to freedom are talking about the same thing Americans are celebrating this weekend.

Sun, Jun 28th

Suffering Faithfully

Though none of us is really comfortable with the idea, Jesus made it crystal clear that we would have to suffer, and most of us are experiencing that right now. We might want to hear a message on how to avoid suffering, but God does not give us that. Still, God does give us help. He shows us …

Sun, Jun 21st

Turning Tragedy into Triumph

We have heard plenty of tragic stories lately, as well as over the years. You have probably also noticed that there are some very tragic stories in the Bible. Have you ever wondered why? One reason is that tragedy is a part of the stuff of life. But there is more to it than that.

Sun, Jun 14th

When Will I See You Again?

One difficult effect of the quarantine has been that we really miss seeing our friends and loved ones. Even as the quarantine is being lifted, we still probably won't have as much contact as we would like. What do you do when you are prevented from being with the ones you love?

Sun, Jun 7th

One New Humanity

If you think the world is going crazy and is out of control, you're right. Tracing it to its source, the problem is that our natural (versus supernatural) human tendency is to think we are better than others. We will use anything we can find to try to prove this, including race and ethnicity. Clearly such a tendency does not bring people together but rips them apart.

Sun, May 31st

One Bread

It's hard for people to get along. Even Christians have their difficulties, sometimes more so. The Coronavirus and quarantine have reduced conflict and tension among Christians in some ways, but increased it in others, especially now that we are discussing when and how to come back together again.

Sun, May 24th

Senior Celebration

Join us in celebrating our five graduating seniors.

Sun, May 17th

Why We Do It

While many people think it is wonderful that NorthWest is supporting people who are proclaiming Jesus in other parts of the world, others may not be comfortable with it. A lot of people think we have plenty of work to do right here at home, and some even believe it's wrong to try to persuade others to accept the beliefs we have.

Sun, May 10th

What Does God Tell Us About Mothers?

Family can be a wonderful experience, a horrible one, or anywhere in between. It is never easy when you put multiple people in such close proximity, but things will be much better if we let God guide us.

Sun, May 3rd

Be Content

It's safe to say not many of us are happy about our current situation, including matters related to the virus and other matters as well. A part of what it means to be the church, however, is to be content. But how can we be content at a time like this?

Sun, Apr 26th

Be Greatly Encouraged

We've been staying home for a month now, and the threat and the restrictions are wearing on us all. We're trying to adapt and find good things to do, but this phase is definitely seeming long and stands to last even longer. Is there a word of encouragement for us?

Sun, Apr 19th

Be The Church

We are not able to gather as a church on Sundays right now, but the church is always still the church on weekdays when we are not gathered together. We can still BE the church even when we're not meeting as a church. What does it mean to BE the church?

Sun, Apr 12th

Victory Over Death

Death has reared its ugly head in a dramatic way through Covid 19. The words of Scripture describe death as an enemy who reigns and holds people in slavery through their fear of it. But death does not have the last word!

Sun, Apr 5th


This Sunday is Palm Sunday and as such we want to spend some time remembering the Triumphal Entry of Jesus.

Sun, Mar 29th

Whispers From A Mountain Top

The COVID-19 pandemic is striking fear into just about everyone on the planet right now. Some are asking where God is during this dark period that seems to only get darker by the day.

Sun, Mar 22nd

Let All the Earth Be Silent Before Him

Last week we heard a message of comfort in regard to the Covid 19 Virus, based on God's Sovereignty and trusting him. But there is a more challenging message from God that we also need to consider.

Sun, Mar 15th

God is Our Refuge and Strength

What do you do when you feel like your world is falling apart?

Sun, Mar 8th

Marks of a Mature Christian

God wants us to come into a real relationship with Christ and then also to mature to become like Christ.

Sun, Feb 23rd

Of First Importance

Our lives consist of many things, activities, and people, some of which are much more important to us than others. One key to living well is to actually make the most important matters most important.

Sun, Feb 16th

Peace on Earth

Two thousand years ago, an angel told the good news of the birth of a Savior, who would bring peace on earth. A few decades later, Peter spoke of the good news of peace through Christ that was sent first to Israel, and then he proceeded to tell that same good news to a Gentile audience. Today, …

Sun, Feb 9th

Be at Peace with Each Other

God not only wants us to have peace with him and peace within ourselves, he also wants us to be at peace with each other. But how can we be at peace when we are all so different and sometimes hold our views and perspectives so strongly?

Sun, Jan 26th

Counsel and Help are Available through the Holy Spirit

Jesus knew his departure from earth would be difficult for his disciples, so he sought to give them peace. Not only were they losing the physical presence of their teacher and friend, taking on the mission Jesus had trained them for would be daunting for them, and all the more so in his absence. So Jesus sought to give them peace by …

Sun, Jan 19th

Already the Victory has been Won

Last week we noted that in this world we will experience trouble, persecution and sin.  Knowing to expect such things as a part of normal Christian life helps a little bit, but they are unpleasant enough that they still often rob us of peace.  Is there any more help than knowing to expect them? 

Sun, Jan 12th

Normal Christian Life

Anytime our expectations are not met, it can generate unpleasant or even unhealthy feelings. This is true of our expectations of Christianity as well. If our actual experience of following Jesus is significantly different than what we expected, we may become disappointed, discouraged, or even angry.

Sun, Jan 5th

In Me You May Have Peace

At Christmastime we focused on the angel's announcement of peace on earth through the birth of the Savior and learned from a woman who found peace in her relationship with God. Today we move on to the next step…