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We are an independent, non-denominational congregation who follow Jesus, we listen to the guidance of the Bible and we actively serve God in the world. We are not perfect, but we are united in our belief that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, that He is at work in our city, through our church and in your life, too. We hope that you will be our guest and worship God with us this Sunday at NorthWest. Our door is open to you, and we hope you will feel welcome. We'd love for you to make this your church home.

Sun, May 22nd

Don't Lose Heart

Have you ever felt you were at the end of your rope? Ever feel like giving up? There are times when we face enormous difficulties that on the surface appear too much to handle.

Sun, May 15th


We celebrate our Seniors today! We congratulate them and their families for this major accomplishment. We also will take this time to do some personal inventory.

Sun, May 8th

Loyal and Bold

Today is a day that is celebrated across the country where we honor one of the most important people in our lives: our mothers. Mothers played a humongous role throughout the story of the Bible. 

Sun, May 1st


Remaining steadfast in sharing the gospel and the hope of glory! Colossians 1

Sun, Apr 24th


Jesus rose from death to life and He offers us the same invitation. However, the life found in God through Christ and the Holy Spirit will be met with opposition just as the news of the risen Savior was.

Sun, Apr 17th

Desperate for the Son

We celebrate Good News today, in fact, we celebrate the best news that there ever has or ever will be. No one on earth experienced this good news in the way of the mother of the Son of God, Mary.

Sun, Apr 10th

Postures and Perfumes

When looking at the story of Mary Magdalene in scripture, we see who she was pretty plainly. However, legend has brought us to believe something slightly different about who she was.

Sun, Apr 3rd

Second Chance

Our new series will be focusing on different individuals who experienced the Resurrection in very different ways.

Sun, Mar 27th

Eat This Book

We have spent the last couple of weeks discussing what scripture is and how we use it. We want to be very intentional not just on whether or not we are reading the Bible but HOW we are reading the Bible. How are we letting the word of God affect us? Is it simply a giant rule of life manual or is it something more?

Sun, Mar 20th

That's Me

Jesus told over 30 parables in his short time walking on this side of heaven. Why is it that
stories like these are necessary to teach?

Sun, Mar 13th

Connecting 2

In January, our messages focused on how we could better connect with God through a richer and deeper practice of prayer.

Sun, Mar 6th

The Heart of the Matter

What did you get out of worship today? This is the question so often we hear and/or ask ourselves. Is this really the heart of the matter?

Sun, Feb 27th

The Food That Gives Life

While food is an essential piece of life, God has always worked in and through it. The meals that we see in scripture were designed for far more than physical fueling, it was designed to bring people together and bless them.

Sun, Feb 20th

How Are You?

Commonly we are asking people how they are or being asked how we are. Do we listen to the response?

Sun, Feb 13th

Hospitality: The Community Creator

There is a deep ache within all of us to experience community of some kind. We long to be around others whether that is with just one person or a large group. But what if we struggle to find community?

Sun, Feb 6th


How do you see the glass? Does your prayer life have the same mindset? 

Sun, Jan 30th

Where Are You God?

There is a kind of prayer that many Bible-believing Christians want to say but few actually say it. We love God but we fear him, many to the point that we are afraid to be upset with Him.

Sun, Jan 23rd

Have Mercy On Me

Something we want to ignore and would rather stay hidden is our failures. However, we have a father in heaven that knows them and is waiting to forgive them. Is our prayer life asking and receiving that forgiveness? Do we know how to ask and receive?

Sun, Jan 16th

Search Me and Know Me

What if we bowed our heads to pray and said nothing? Is this still considered prayer? For centuries, the practice of examination prayer has been within our grasp but if we are hesitant to reach for it because of what could happen during it: anything!

Sun, Jan 9th


How do you feel about your prayer life? Does it energize and encourage you? Do you look forward to the times that you pray? Or do you have a hard time getting around to it? This morning, we will take some first steps towards connecting with God through a richer and deeper daily practice of prayer.

Sun, Jan 2nd

Living Crossways

Churches are messy. All churches. Always. People want different things. We have different ideas, experiences, and perspectives. We all have a pretty good sense that we are right, and others are wrong. But messy churches are not new. Most of the churches in the New Testament were pretty messed up. But there is a way forward, a healthier way to do church. Seeking it will be painful but finding it could open up for us a new and surprising future.

Sun, Dec 26th

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

It's the day after Christmas and sometimes there's a temptation to be sorrowful, we celebrated the arrival of the Savior yesterday and today we notice his absence. The Savior himself had a much different perspective and pointed us to focus on the gift that keeps on giving.

Sun, Dec 12th

That's Where I Come From

Over the last several years the searches for our genealogies have become quite popular.

Sun, Dec 5th

Pastures & Palaces

The poor shepherds and the rich wise men are a part of the Christmas story. What do they show us about the mission and call of Jesus?

Sun, Nov 28th

A Thanksgiving Table

Our cry for mercy receives an answer at the table of the Lord. We lift up the cup of thaksgving at the King's Table, and recommit ourselves to serve his kingdom. At the table, we experience the mercy of God.

Sun, Nov 21st


We all have a deep desire within us to belong. We all want desperately to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. God has created many different areas where this is accomplished in beautiful ways. One of those ways is at the communion table.

Sun, Nov 14th


Is the Lord's Supper a box to be checked that is separate and apart from our lives the rest of the week? The church in Corinth certainly thought so, and sometimes our response is similar.

Sun, Nov 7th

The Passover Table

Traditions have long dictated our response to and our conduct during the Lord's Supper. Decades old Church publications have sought to restrain our jubilation and impose strict standards of quiet conduct in our Table Fellowship.

Sun, Oct 31st

Altars and Tables: Eating With God

Our communion with God finds its roots all the way back in the Old Testament. There is a strong connection between sacrifice and eating which means a connection between alters and tables. 

Sun, Oct 24th

Courage to Confess

After God's victrory for Israel at Jericho the Israelites prepared to continue thier conquest of the Promised Land. However, they were not prepared for what happened next: Disobeidience (sin) was preventing them from moving forward! The Nation was now stuck! They could not move forward with the Conquest until the sin was confessed and addressed.

Sun, Oct 17th

Courage to March

God gave Joshua and this new generation of Israelites perhaps the worst battle strategy ever. However, the Israelites still agreed to march and have faith that God would keep His promise

Sun, Oct 10th

Courage to Cross

Something that always needs courage is change. Change is rarely easy nor does it usually come naturally. Nevertheless, this does not mean that it isn't necessary or even that it isn't a good thing.

Sun, Oct 3rd

Leading and Following

What does it mean for individuals and God's people to be strong and courageous? Joshua was surely asking himself that question as he and the Israelites were camped in the plains of Moab prior to claiming the promised land across the Jordan river

Sun, Sep 26th


What is next on the path to overcome? Has our pride stood in the way of seeing what it truly means to overcome?

Sun, Sep 19th

Anger's Curse

Anger is something we all deal with. Some deal with it more than others, but how do we deal with our anger? While we know and understand that holding on to anger is not healthy, it's something that we still struggle to overcome. This anger can oftentimes evolve into hatred and hatred can evolve into suffering.

Sun, Sep 12th

Sin Less

Temptation abounds in this life and often so does our hopelessness as a result. Is it truly possible to overcome temptation?

Sun, Sep 5th

Where Are You God?

At one point or another, pretty much all of us have experienced despair over the last 18 months. Whether it be loneliness, loss, frustration, or that one virus that everyone keeps talking about, we have had times when we wondered where God's movement was taking place...or if there was movement at all.

Sun, Aug 29th

Lead Us and Deliver Us

We all face temptations daily but whether we succumb to that temptation or not, we must understand that God didn't lead us. God's promise, to us all, is to provide a way of escape. 

Sun, Aug 22nd

Do I Have to Forgive?

Sometimes it's hard to receive and give forgiveness. We study and reflect on the Lord's Prayer to change our prayer lives to make them more consistent with the character of God. It can be hard to forgive people who don't deserve it. Yet, Jesus teaches that our own forgiveness from God depends on our forgiving others.

Sun, Aug 15th


"Give us this day our daily bread." A line that simply asks for God to provide for us, or is there a deeper meaning? What does He mean by daily bread? As we take a deeper look into the Lord's Prayer we will attempt to find the answers to these very impactful questions.

Sun, Aug 1st

Hey Dad

The Lord's prayer was given to us by the Son of God. Does it mean anything to you?

Sun, Jul 25th

One God and Father of All

God had a secret plan for the world (he still has this plan today, but it is not a secret any more). What is that secret plan? What does he want YOU (and all the rest of us) to do about it? Join us today as we explore how it is so important that there is "one God and Father of all, who is over all, and through all, and in all."

Sun, Jul 18th

Led to Water, Washed with Blood

Throughout the story of Scripture, we see God repeatedly leading His people to, in and through water. One of the ways we experience this still to this day is baptism. 

Sun, Jul 11th

Will "Dry Bones" Rise Again? Experiencing One Faith in Reconciliation

The ancient prophet Ezekiel promised Israel to enliven their dead, dry bones with the breath of the Holy Spirit. The apostle Paul revealed the mystery of reconciliation for all cultures and races - through the Gospel. 

Sun, Jul 4th

Gods At War

This week in our "One" series is the topic of "one lord." Other translations from various languages around the world and even in history also translate this as "master." Even dating back to Mount Sinai, God has always desired to be more than just a checklist and more than our first of many. God wants to be our one and only. 

Sun, Jun 27th


Hope is something that is often neglected but it is always necessary in each of our lives. Let us today in worship remember and praise what our true blessed hope is.

Sun, Jun 20th

Breathe Together

The next theme in our "One" series is one Spirit. The word "Spirit" translated from the greek also means "breath." We see this as an invitation not only to be united in one Spirit and one body, but also an invitation to breathe together as one.

Sun, Jun 13th

Individually Together

One body, many parts is often easier said than done. Today we will search for what Paul really means when he discusses the body of Christ. 

Sun, Jun 6th

Unity's Pursuit

For some time now, we have cried out for unity. This goes for our nation and also for our own church as well as other churches across our country. While everyone wants unity to some degree, not everyone is willing to do what it takes. 

Wed, Nov 18th

Empowering Subjects, 12 Where Do We Go From Here?

Final Lesson of the Empowering Subjects Program. Where Do we Go From Here?

Wed, Nov 11th

Empowering Subjects, 11 Explain/Equip the Subjects of the Kingdom

Lesson 11 in Empowering Subjects. This one is focused on Explaining and Equipping the Subjects of the Kingdom. 

Wed, Nov 4th

Empowering Subjects, 10 Announcing the Kingdom-4

Lesson 10 in Empowering Subjects. A fourth lesson on Announcing the good news of the Kingdom. This one is focused on what happens after we announce the news.

Wed, Oct 28th

Empowering Subjects, 09 Announcing the Kingdom-3

Lesson 9 in the Empowering Subjects Training Program. A third lesson on Announcing the Kingdom, focused on finding opportunities to speak.

Wed, Oct 21st

Empowering Subjects, 08 Announcing the Kingdom-2

Lesson 8 in the Empowering Subjects Training program. This is a second lesson on Announcing the Kingdom, focused on evidence, form, and manner.

Wed, Oct 14th

Empowering Subjects, 07 Announcing the Kingdom - 1

Lesson 7 in Empowering Subjects, and the first lesson on Announcing the Kingdom. This one focuses on clarifying the message we are to be speaking to those outside of Christ. 

Wed, Oct 7th

Empowering Subjects, 06 Reflecting the Kingdom

Lesson 6 in the Empowering Subjects Program. The focus this week is Reflecting the Reality of the Kingdom of God in our lives and deeds. 

Wed, Sep 30th

Empowering Subjects, 05 Having Compassion

Lesson 5 in the Empowering Subjects program, focused on Having Compassion for people, like Jesus did. 

Wed, Sep 23rd

Empowering Subjects, 04 Seeing People

Introduction to the SHARE acronym, which helps us remember aspects of Jesus' ministry, plus a intro to Seeing People.

Wed, Sep 16th

Empowering Subjects, 03 God's Work

A focus on God's work in growing his kingdom, to prepare us to cooperate appropriately with Him. 

Wed, Sep 9th

Empowering Subjects, 02 Basic Training for Subjects of the King

Basic training in godliness for Subjects of the King, to make us more useful to our Master

Wed, Sep 2nd

Empowering Subjects, 01 Introduction

Orientation to the Empowering Subjects Training Program

Wed, Aug 26th

Ezra 10

Marvin's Wednesday Night Class on Restoration of Exiles: The Book of Ezra. Ezra 10

Wed, Aug 19th

Ezra 9

Restoration of Exiles: The Book of Ezra. Chapter 9

Wed, Aug 12th

Ezra 8

Restoration of Exiles: The Book of Ezra. Chapter 8

Wed, Aug 5th

Ezra 7

Restoration of Exiles: The Book of Ezra. Chapter 7

Wed, Jul 29th

Ezra 6

Restoration of Exiles: The Book of Ezra. Ezra 6

Wed, Jul 22nd

Ezra 5

Restoration of Exiles: The Book of Ezra. Ezra 5

Wed, Jul 15th

Ezra Special (2)

Restoration of Exiles: The Book of Ezra: Zechariah

Wed, Jul 8th

Ezra Special (1)

Restoration of Exiles: The Book of Ezra. Haggai

Wed, Jul 1st

Ezra 4

Restoration of Exiles: The Book of Ezra. Chapter 4

Wed, Jun 24th

This is How We Know We Belong to Him

Special Lesson this week. Click "Read More" for explanation

Wed, Jun 10th

Ezra 2

Restoration of Exiles: The Book of Ezra. Chapter 2

Wed, Jun 3rd

Ezra 1

Restoration of Exiles: The Book of Ezra. Intro and Chapter 1

Wed, May 27th

The Rain of God

Marvin's Wednesday Night Lesson (5-27-20)

Wed, May 20th

Perceiving the Truth

Marvin's Wednesday night lesson on why some people perceive God's truth and others do not. 

Wed, May 6th

Becoming Like Our Teacher (Marvin's Class)

An exercise in Discipleship.

Wed, Apr 29th

Salvation in the Book of Acts

A study of salvation in the Book of Acts based on passages where the word "salvation" or "saved" is actually used. 

Wed, Apr 29th

Zechariah's First Vision

We start our new Bible study!!!

Wed, Apr 22nd

The Grammar of Salvation (Marvin's Class)

Is salvation past, present or future?

Wed, Apr 22nd

God Silences the Heavens

God listens when you pray and He silences heaven to hear your every cry

Wed, Apr 15th

John's Easter Epilogue

A study of John's final chapter of his gospel

Wed, Apr 15th

Salvation in Zechariah's Prophecy (Marvin's Class)

When Zechariah prophesies upon the birth of his son, John the Baptist, he mentions salvation three times. This lesson explores that prophecy and what we can learn about salvation from it. 

Wed, Apr 8th

Psalm 86--A Prayer for Help in Trouble

A Psalm that teaches us how to pray when we face troubles, neediness, or people opposing us.

Wed, Apr 1st

The Lord is My Light and My Salvation

A Psalm of Lament and Trust that looks to the Lord for salvation from danger and trouble.

Wed, Mar 25th

God Saves through Judges

Other Aspects of Salvation: Judges