Join us every Sunday to worship God and hear an inspired message from the Bible by Marvin Bryant (Minister of the Word). Sometimes  Casey Lankford (Young Adult Minister), Brandyn Treat (Youth Minister) or someone else may be filling in.  We have two services on Sunday, 8:30am and 11:00am. The message notes, podcast and bulletin for each Sunday are available here as well. 

We are an independent, non-denominational congregation who follow Jesus, we listen to the guidance of the Bible and we actively serve God in the world. We are not perfect, but we are united in our belief that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, that He is at work in our city, through our church and in your life, too. We hope that you will be our guest and worship God with us this Sunday at NorthWest. Our door is open to you, and we hope you will feel welcome. We'd love for you to make this your church home.

Sun, Oct 13th

Mind Matters #5, Other Qualities of a Spiritually Mature Mind

We've noticed in this series how our minds can stop working well spiritually and that the beginning of a renewed mind is to repent.  Then, one of our primary goals should be to develop the mind of Christ, which is an outlook or attitude of humility, self-denial, serving, and sacrifice.  But there's more.... 

Sun, Oct 6th

Mind Matters #4, Mind of Christ

One of the best things we can seek is to have the mind of Christ. Having the mind of Christ is not merely a mental activity, however. Instead …

Sun, Sep 29th

Mind Matters #3, The Beginning of the Renewal of Our Minds

Hopefully our previous messages have helped us see the need for our minds to be renewed.  Today we begin that process with repentance.  Unfortunately, the words repent and repentance have been overused and misused so much that we may not really understand then or even want to consider them.  It is imperative that we do, however.....

Sun, Sep 22nd

Mind Matters #2, The Mind Gone Astray

The Bible uses a variety of unflattering words to describe our minds when they go astray from God.  That certainly gets our attention but may also put us off a little bit.  Are our minds really all that bad spiritually?  Do we have untrue, distorted or unhealthy thoughts in our minds?    

Sun, Sep 15th

Mind Matters#1, Losing Our Minds

Our minds have an extremely important role in our relationship with God. Unless we deliberately cooperate with God, however, our minds will be spiritually unhealthy and hinder us in many ways. What is the mind, according to the Bible? And how does it get to be such a problem for us?

Sun, Sep 8th

Where Ministry Happens

Life is harder than I thought it was.  We all face multiple difficulties everyday.  Sometimes we are surprised by the difficulties we experience related to our faith and church.  And sometimes we allow the difficulties to keep us from serving. 

Sun, Sep 1st

Wisdom for Work

Work is something most all people have in common at some point in their lives.  Needless to say, work can be difficult and challenging.  There are many benefits and opportunities  in our jobs, but there are also many ways we can go astray. 

Sun, Aug 25th

Walking Alongside

Welcome to our Back to School Blessing Sunday where we pray over all the students and teachers in our church family!  We are so thankful for the impact that teachers have on our kids and for the opportunity for each of us to learn through our younger generations.  We'll be learning about what these truest forms of teaching are this morning together.     

Sun, Aug 18th

We Must Obey God Rather than Human Beings

Our society has rules, both written and unwritten, about when and how we can talk about Christianity. Sometimes we go along with these rules and also shape the Christian message in ways that we hope will make it more acceptable to them. Doing these things may decrease the offense somewhat, but may also entail offending God! How do we navigate a good path between what people want and expect and what God has told us to do?

Sun, Aug 11th

You Have a Friend In Me

God created the concept of friendship in this world and left us with plenty of guidance throughout scripture on the matter.  Today we will explore how we can become better friends in the way He intended us to be.

Sun, Aug 4th

Christianity is a Matter of ...

First Question:  What does it mean to be a Christian?  What does it mean to be ruled by God?  Once you've come up with a summary, then a second question follows:  What did you think, feel, say or do as a Christian last week?  And finally, How do your answers to these two questions match up? 

Sun, Jul 28th

Remembering What Matters Most

It's easy for us to get our priorities out of order.  Even when we make Christianity the most important thing in our lives, we still sometimes focus on smaller aspects of it instead of the things that matter most.  What matters most about Christianity is...  

Sun, Jul 21st

Seven Unifying Realities

God is seeking to create one new humanity in Christ.  Jesus prayed that his followers would be one as he and his father are one, so that the world would know the father sent him.  Unity is really important to God and Jesus, but we struggle mightily to get along with others, even our brothers and sisters in Christ.  The solution....

Sun, Jul 14th

Cross-based Unity

The key to unity is not for us all to agree on everything.  Yes, we do agree on Jesus being our Lord and that he died for our sins and was raised from the dead.  There are some other central truths that we all believe and that help hold us together as well.  But once all that is settled, the next step toward unity is not to systematically discuss and decide the correct view on every possible issue.  Rather......

Sun, Jul 7th

Dependence Day

Forget Brexit!  What about Amerixit?  We Americans exited Great Britain centuries ago.  We had a holiday for that just last week.  And I know you well enough to know how you celebrated it:  You...

Sun, Jun 30th

Live The Name

Eric Davenport, our missionary from Rwanda, Africa will be bringing us the message from Exodus 34:6-8 entitled Live The Name.

Sun, Jun 23rd

Our Basic Outlook on Others

The world is complex and complicated.  Sometimes our attempt to live like Christ seems complicated as well.  In such times, some of the basics of following Jesus usually get overlooked, but reminding ourselves of those basics can be clarifying and helpful.  What is our basic outlook on others?    

Sun, Jun 16th

Worthy of Respect

Have you ever noticed in the Bible, that one of the characteristics of a society marked by rampant sin is children disobeying their parents (Romans 1:30; 2 Timothy 3:2)?  How would you say the United States is doing in this regard?  Where does the problem lie?  Is there anything we can do about it? 

Sun, Jun 9th

What We Most Need

Are you satisfied with your life?  Your family?  Your church?  If not, what are you doing to improve matters?  Are you addressing primary matters or secondary?  Or even peripheral?  What do we most need?

Sun, Jun 2nd

It's About Time

How does our faith in Jesus shape the way we view our time on this earth?

Sun, May 26th

The Most Important Kind of Vision

Would you rather look good or see good? And if the latter, would you rather see well physically or spiritually? And if the latter, what do you most need in order to see well spiritually? In short, what is the most important kind of vision?

Sun, May 19th

Christian Cataracts

As we age, we become more susceptible to developing cataracts. The word cataract refers to a clouding of the lenses of our eyes that makes our vision foggy and can even cause blindness. As Christians age spiritually, we can develop spiritual cataracts. How well are you seeing?

Sun, May 12th

Dear Mother

This sermon is a special tribute to the women who have led us in faith in life from the time that we were young to the present day.  They are one of God's gifts to us as we walk through life together.  Whether we are actually related to these women or not, we call them mom and today we will be grateful for them all.

Sun, May 5th

The Message of Mark

Sometimes we see the trees but not the forest.  We focus on details but miss the big picture.  Over the last four and a half years, we've seen more important details in Mark.  It is imperative, however, that we also see the big picture.  Do you know what it is? 

Sun, Apr 28th

How the Gospel of Mark Ends

In the old days movies always turned out well. Today they often end more realistically. The story of Jesus as told by Mark may not end like you think it should. And you may be really surprised at who writes the ending.

Sun, Apr 21st

He has risen! He is not here

When is the last time you thought that someone who was convicted and executed was actually a prophet of God?  Even getting arrested tends to taint a person's reputation.  Jesus' humiliating death made it look like he was a fraud.  But then God raised him from the dead!

Sun, Apr 14th

The Crucifixion of Christ

The crucifixion of Christ is the first half of the most significant event of all time, with His resurrection being the other half.  Mark and the other Gospel writers narrate the event in a straightforward and restrained way.  What does it all mean for you and me?

Sun, Apr 7th

Putting Jesus on Trial

Do people ever make false accusations against you?  Do you ever catch yourself making such accusations against others?  Jesus knows all about this and gives us helpful guidance about it.

Sun, Mar 31st


This lesson covers where scripture begins to truly become dark in regards to what is happening to Jesus. Everything that Jesus has been warning His followers about is coming into play. The primary focus of the sermon will be looking at the responses of Jesus and Peter to this chain of events. It was only a few days before this event that Jesus and His disciples came into Jerusalem to the sounds of people shouting praises. Now their Messiah is being betrayed by their friend and arrested by their enemies. Peter panics while Jesus remains calm allowing these horrible events to begin to unfold.

Sun, Mar 24th


Sun, Mar 17th

The Way of the Cross Yet Again

Two out of three in this passage "get it" and walk the way of the cross. The others don't, and Jesus rebukes them. If you were to put yourself into the account of the woman anointing Jesus in this passage, who would you be?

Sun, Mar 10th

Keep Watch!

How do you spend your time at an airport layover?  Some airports certainly offer better options than others.  Whatever you do, you need to make sure you're ready when your flight departs.  The airport is not you final destination. 

Sun, Mar 3rd

Distorted Christianity

Many societies have had the practice of a person entrusting something valuable to someone else to use or protect, then calling them to give an account of how well they did so, followed by positive or negative consequences.  Do you realize God has done this with us? 

Sun, Feb 24th

Unassuming Heroes

Where do you go to find out what it means to be a Christian? The Bible describes what it means, but where do you go to see one in flesh and blood? Where could you look to find someone who truly exemplifies the way of Christ? The answer may surprise you.

Sun, Feb 17th

You have to Give it to Get it

"After all is said and done, a whole lot more is said than done."  Never was this more true than when churches meet to talk about a vision statement.  Will our new vision at NorthWest make any real difference in what we do and how we live our lives?

Sun, Feb 10th

Developing as a Disciple at Northwest

There's something special about gathering around a campfire, especially when the weather is brisk and darkness falls.  People seem to be instinctively drawn to the fire.  Similarly, we need the warmth and light of God in a cold, dark world.  We need to gather together in His presence to be blessed by Him and drawn together with others.

Sun, Feb 3rd

Devoted to Jesus

This Sunday is the "American professional football championship game" (wink, wink).  Many of us are strongly devoted to our sports team, but unfortunately they rarely make it to the big game.  We have many other devotions in our hearts and lives as well.  Do you think you devoted to the right things?

Sun, Jan 27th

Deciding About Jesus

When I was young, I thought the only two real decisions I would have to make in my life were who to marry and what job to have.  My, was I wrong!  Some decisions do stand out, of course.  The most momentous of them all is the decision we make about Jesus. 

Sun, Jan 20th

Discovering Jesus

The first phase in the journey of discipleship is discovering Jesus.  Do you know Him?  Do you want to know Him?  As Jesus himself put it, Come and see!  (John 1:35-39).    

Sun, Jan 13th

The Journey to Discipleship

Too often we have thought we just need to check certain boxes and then we will be right with God.  Actually the goal is to become like God.  And you don't get there overnight.  (Luke 6:40) 

Sun, Jan 6th

Developing Disciples

Most of us want to be a part of a church that is healthy, but we don't always realize we play a part in determining how healthy our church will be. If we want our church to be healthy, one of the most important things we can do is make the most important thing the most important thing. But first we have to know what the most important thing is (Matthew 28:18-20).

Sun, Dec 23rd

Peace on Earth

We all want peace on earth and to enjoy tender feelings of peace personally.  Instead, we frequently see and experience conflict and fighting.  How can we find peace?  

Sun, Dec 16th

You're Welcome

If you have ever felt like you are the wrong age or gender or color or size or personality or anything else, I have good news:  You're welcome.  God welcomes people who may not be welcomed at many places in the world.  

Sun, Dec 9th

Insidious is Stifling His Plan

Thousands of people around us don't know God. As a result, they are suffering personally, inflicting suffering on others, and stand to suffer terribly at the end of time. Jesus tells us what is needed.

Sun, Dec 2nd

Loving the Villain

Do you have any enemies?

Sun, Nov 25th

Cold Turkey

The Sunday after Thanksgiving seems like an appropriate time to think about whether we can and whether we should stop bad behaviors "cold turkey" style. 

Sun, Nov 18th

Be Exalted, O God

Thanksgiving is great when things are good, but what about when they are not? Can we still give thanks? Should we? And if so, how do we do it? Psalm 57 teaches us.

Sun, Nov 11th

What does it Mean to Seek God?

Recently, Gail and I and a gazillion other people visited Israel. In some sense we were all seeking God. What did we find? And what does it even mean to seek God?

Sun, Nov 4th

Are you a follower?

Sun, Oct 28th

Rahab-Trophy of Grace (Chris Miller)

Even the prostitute Rahab was not beyond the reach of God's grace.