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We are an independent, non-denominational congregation who follow Jesus, we listen to the guidance of the Bible and we actively serve God in the world. We are not perfect, but we are united in our belief that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, that He is at work in our city, through our church and in your life, too. We hope that you will be our guest and worship God with us this Sunday at NorthWest. Our door is open to you, and we hope you will feel welcome. We'd love for you to make this your church home.

Sun, Nov 20th

"Be My Witnesses"...to What?

As the Gospel of Luke comes to a close, Jesus makes a final charge to his followers to go be witnesses to what they have seen and heard. Join us this week as we consider how we too can be witnesses.

Sun, Nov 13th

"He Is Risen!"

The road to the cross has come to an end, Jesus has been buried, and the tomb is sealed.

Sun, Nov 6th

"The Last Hours of the Way to the Cross"

The road to the cross finally comes to an end as Jesus is unjustly condemned and crucified.

Sun, Oct 30th

Would We Kill the Prophets?

When Jesus finally arrives in Jerusalem, the conflict rises which leads to the cross. 

Sun, Oct 23rd

A Time of Prayer and Worship

This morning we are having a special time of Prayer and Worship. Our focus will be on communing and connecting to God through Song, Prayer and His Word. God has called us to worship Him and Him alone. As we come to Him we must empty ourselves and Confess our sins and to acknowledge our belief in Him.

Sun, Oct 16th

"This Is How to Inherit Eternal Life...and This Is How to Lose It"

As Jesus makes his way toward the cross, he continues to challenge his followers with their preconceived values and prejudices and views of the Messiah. 

Sun, Oct 9th

The Choking Feeling

We will be looking at worry and how throughout our lives we all struggle with it and how we constantly have to reign it in. Join us on Sunday as we will look at ways to do that.

Sun, Oct 2nd

Why Is Jesus Doing That?

As Jesus makes his way toward the cross, he continues to challenge his followers with their preconceived values and prejudices and views of the Messiah. 

Sun, Sep 25th

Mary Chooses What Is Better

As Jesus makes his way toward the cross, he continues to challenge his followers with their
preconceived values and prejudices and views of the Messiah

Sun, Sep 18th

Adding A Single Hour To Your Life

As Jesus continues to teach his way to Jerusalem, he shares with his disciples a priority-shifting paradigm concerning a struggle that, not only did they face, but we face as well. Join us this week to see Jesus teach about the problem with worry and where we should focus when we worry and anxiety attack.

Sun, Sep 11th

The Parable of the Good..Who?

As Jesus makes his way toward the cross, he challenges his followers with their preconceived values and prejudices and views of the Messiah. Join us this week as Jesus gives a surprising answer to the question, "how do we inherit eternal life?"

Sun, Sep 4th

The Radical Way of the Cross

Jesus shocks his followers by announcing that he is going to Jerusalem, not to be crowned King, but to be crucified and rise again. 

Sun, Aug 28th

Seeing the Unseen

The world tends to celebrate things easily seen: beauty, power, prestige. But Jesus placed focus on things that were often overlooked. Join us this Sunday as we seek to see things through Jesus' eyes.

Sun, Aug 21st

"Why Don't You Do What I Say?"

Believers in Jesus often say we are his "disciples." But are we really? What makes someone a disciple of Jesus?

Sun, Aug 14th

"Who Is Jesus...and Why Do They Want to Kill Him?

Everywhere Jesus went he healed people, fed hungry crowds, and welcomed those whom many thought God would not welcome. And every time he went to "church", religious people got upset with him.

Sun, Aug 7th

The Mission of Jesus in His Own Words

Jesus came into the world in a way that no one expected and announced a mission that they did not understand. And the first time he preached in his home congregation, it did not end well.

Sun, Jul 31st

How Long is Too Long?

If you are familiar with the Peanuts cartoon characters, then you will remember Charlie Brown going to the mailbox to see if there were any Valentine Cards from the Little Red-Haired Girl. Every time he found the mailbox was empty and he hung his head. 

Sun, Jul 24th

Good Followers Following Good Leaders

The church needs leaders who are servant leaders like Jesus. But we also need members who are good followers. 

Sun, Jul 17th

Shepherding Like the Good Shepherd

Churches have long used the language of shepherding to talk about their leaders, but we are not familiar with shepherds in our culture.

Sun, Jul 10th

The Kingdom of God Is Within You...Isn't It?

What are the most important teachings of our faith as followers of Jesus? In times of transition--and always--it is vitally important to keep focused on what Jesus and the apostles emphasized.

Sun, Jul 3rd

What Time Did You Come?

Have you been a follower of Christ all your life? If so, you probably are grateful for the blessings that come with that commitment. Do you expect special treatment because of your faith? Do you know people who have come to Christ later in life, perhaps from a lifestyle not consistent with your values? Do you wonder if you have special privileges or wonder what's in it for you over against the late comers?

Sun, Jun 26th

Gracious Generosity

What makes you feel generous? What creates a desire in you to share what you have? Is it graceful behavior by others towards yourself? Or perhaps the influence of those around you? Some of us are more generous when we are part of a group that practices generosity.

Sun, Jun 19th

Can the Worse of Sinners Be Saved?

What are the most important teachings of our faith as followers of Jesus? In times of transition--and always--it is vitally important to keep focused on what Jesus and the apostles emphasized.

Sun, Jun 12th

Without This, Nothing Else Really Matters

What are the most important teachings of our faith as followers of Jesus? It's easy to get lost in lesser matters and lose sight of what is critical. 

Sun, Jun 5th

"Why Are You Standing Here?"

We live in a world of anxiousness, uncertainty, complexity and in some sense despair/hopelessness. And, whether we want to admit it or not we sometimes allow these emotions to creep into our lives at times because of the situations/circumstances in which we find ourselves. If we allow these emotions to affect our decision making and conduct we will become spiritually paralyzed and more than likely "give up."

Sun, May 29th

Unity, The Hard Way

Unity at times seems so hard or distant that it feels impossible. the truth is we cannot achieve it for anyone else but ourselves.

Sun, May 22nd

Don't Lose Heart

Have you ever felt you were at the end of your rope? Ever feel like giving up? There are times when we face enormous difficulties that on the surface appear too much to handle.

Sun, May 15th


We celebrate our Seniors today! We congratulate them and their families for this major accomplishment. We also will take this time to do some personal inventory.

Sun, May 8th

Loyal and Bold

Today is a day that is celebrated across the country where we honor one of the most important people in our lives: our mothers. Mothers played a humongous role throughout the story of the Bible. 

Sun, May 1st


Remaining steadfast in sharing the gospel and the hope of glory! Colossians 1

Sun, Apr 24th


Jesus rose from death to life and He offers us the same invitation. However, the life found in God through Christ and the Holy Spirit will be met with opposition just as the news of the risen Savior was.

Sun, Apr 17th

Desperate for the Son

We celebrate Good News today, in fact, we celebrate the best news that there ever has or ever will be. No one on earth experienced this good news in the way of the mother of the Son of God, Mary.

Sun, Apr 10th

Postures and Perfumes

When looking at the story of Mary Magdalene in scripture, we see who she was pretty plainly. However, legend has brought us to believe something slightly different about who she was.

Sun, Apr 3rd

Second Chance

Our new series will be focusing on different individuals who experienced the Resurrection in very different ways.

Sun, Mar 27th

Eat This Book

We have spent the last couple of weeks discussing what scripture is and how we use it. We want to be very intentional not just on whether or not we are reading the Bible but HOW we are reading the Bible. How are we letting the word of God affect us? Is it simply a giant rule of life manual or is it something more?

Sun, Mar 20th

That's Me

Jesus told over 30 parables in his short time walking on this side of heaven. Why is it that
stories like these are necessary to teach?

Sun, Mar 13th

Connecting 2

In January, our messages focused on how we could better connect with God through a richer and deeper practice of prayer.

Sun, Mar 6th

The Heart of the Matter

What did you get out of worship today? This is the question so often we hear and/or ask ourselves. Is this really the heart of the matter?

Sun, Feb 27th

The Food That Gives Life

While food is an essential piece of life, God has always worked in and through it. The meals that we see in scripture were designed for far more than physical fueling, it was designed to bring people together and bless them.

Sun, Feb 20th

How Are You?

Commonly we are asking people how they are or being asked how we are. Do we listen to the response?

Sun, Feb 13th

Hospitality: The Community Creator

There is a deep ache within all of us to experience community of some kind. We long to be around others whether that is with just one person or a large group. But what if we struggle to find community?

Sun, Feb 6th


How do you see the glass? Does your prayer life have the same mindset? 

Sun, Jan 30th

Where Are You God?

There is a kind of prayer that many Bible-believing Christians want to say but few actually say it. We love God but we fear him, many to the point that we are afraid to be upset with Him.

Sun, Jan 23rd

Have Mercy On Me

Something we want to ignore and would rather stay hidden is our failures. However, we have a father in heaven that knows them and is waiting to forgive them. Is our prayer life asking and receiving that forgiveness? Do we know how to ask and receive?

Sun, Jan 16th

Search Me and Know Me

What if we bowed our heads to pray and said nothing? Is this still considered prayer? For centuries, the practice of examination prayer has been within our grasp but if we are hesitant to reach for it because of what could happen during it: anything!

Sun, Jan 9th


How do you feel about your prayer life? Does it energize and encourage you? Do you look forward to the times that you pray? Or do you have a hard time getting around to it? This morning, we will take some first steps towards connecting with God through a richer and deeper daily practice of prayer.

Sun, Jan 2nd

Living Crossways

Churches are messy. All churches. Always. People want different things. We have different ideas, experiences, and perspectives. We all have a pretty good sense that we are right, and others are wrong. But messy churches are not new. Most of the churches in the New Testament were pretty messed up. But there is a way forward, a healthier way to do church. Seeking it will be painful but finding it could open up for us a new and surprising future.

Sun, Dec 26th

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

It's the day after Christmas and sometimes there's a temptation to be sorrowful, we celebrated the arrival of the Savior yesterday and today we notice his absence. The Savior himself had a much different perspective and pointed us to focus on the gift that keeps on giving.

Sun, Dec 12th

That's Where I Come From

Over the last several years the searches for our genealogies have become quite popular.

Sun, Dec 5th

Pastures & Palaces

The poor shepherds and the rich wise men are a part of the Christmas story. What do they show us about the mission and call of Jesus?