Richard and Caryl Baskin

The Baskin have been at NorthWest since 1999 and Richard has served as an elder since 2008. His support area is Undergoing Transformation, and specifically the Young Adult Ministry. His favorite book of the Bible is Philippians. 

Sid and Marsha Dowell

Sid and Marsha came to NorthWest in 2012, and Sid began serving as a Shepherd in 2018. He works closely with Children's Ministry, JAFF, and also the Joined Together in Love area. As a historian, he especially loves the Old Testament. 

John and Deloris Flint

John and Deloris came to NorthWest in 2004, and John has served as an elder since 2008. He works with Finance, building, Adult Spiritual Formation, Hope Lives, and the Empty Nesters Awhile class. He loves the Wisdom books of the Old Testament (Job-Song of Solomon).

Kim and Shannon Jarrell

Kim and Shannon were founding members of NorthWest back in 1978, and Kim began serving as an elder in 2002. He works with Pastoral Care, Spiritual Shepherding, Joined Together in Love, and the Parents Awhile group. He loves Psalms and John.

Craig and Becky McClung

Craig and Becky have been at NorthWest since 1988. Craig was appointed an elder in 2004. He supports local evangelism, small groups, and the Young Couples class groups. Craig favorite Bible books are Psalms, Mark, Ephesians and Philippians. 

Chuck and Doris Morris

Chuck and Doris came back to NorthWest in 1995, and Chuck was on staff as a Minister for 22 years. He was appointed as an elder in 2018. His support areas are Finance, Benevolence, Food Pantry, Celebrate Recovery, VOA, Pastoral Counseling, Weddings and Funerals, and the Empty Nesters Awhile class group. He loves the Gospel of Mark and many others. 

David and Twila Teague

David and Twila came to NorthWest in 2004, and David was appointed as an elder in 2008. He works with Worship, Hospitality and the Thirty-Something class group. Many rich sections from Paul's letters have profoundly influenced him. Twila also serves as an Administrative Assistant for NorthWest. 

Frank and Terri Weaver

Frank and Terri have been at NorthWest since 1986. Frank became an elder here in 2004. His primary area of support is the Youth Ministry. His favorite part of the Bible is the Gospel of John. Terri also works at NorthWest as an Administrative Assistant.