NorthWest has many organized ministries for serving people in the church as well as people in San Antonio and elsewhere. The ministries are listed here to give you an idea. Contact the church office for more information about any of the ministries. The headings below are five major purposes of a church and form a JESUS acronym. Our ministries are organized under the primary purpose they address.

Joined Together in Love

Building, Communication, Congregational Fellowship Events, Finance, Funerals, Member Financial Assistance, Men's Ministry, Moving Ministry, Office, Photography, Senior Ministry/JAFF (Joy After Fifty-five), Senior Rides, Small Groups, Spiritual Shepherding, Staff Support, Sunday Class Groups, Technology, Visitation, Watch Team, Webpage, Weddings, WINGs (Women in God's Service), Young Adult Ministry

Exalting God

Audio-Visual, Common Grounds, Communion Preparation and Coordination, Hospitality and Greeters, Prayer and Scripture Reader Assignments, Song Leader Assignments, Speak Assignments, Sunday Morning Worship, Sunday Evening Speakers, Sunday Evening Worship, Visual Projections. 

Serving Others

Blood Drives, Celebrate Recovery, Christian Village, Food Pantry, Landon Ridge Senior Living, Needs Based Outreach, Weddings

Undergoing Transformation

Adult Spiritual Formation, Children's Ministry, Youth Ministry

Sharing the Good News

Guest follow-up, evangelism training, International Missions, Hope Lives, Outreach events, Trunk or Treat