Small Groups

Church does not solely take place on Sunday mornings in our building. 
The greek word for church is ekklesia. Translated literally, the word actually means "the gathering." Jesus says that when people gather together in His name, then He is there with us as well.

When we look at various examples of churches in the New Testament, we see that the majority of the meetings took place in the homes of various church members. We are striving to return to this concept because of what the home can provide to each of us spiritually.

We currently have about 15 active housechurches. Most of these housechurches feature about 10-20 people who will meet about twice a month on average. All of our housechurches strive to be like the missional community that we see in Acts 2:42-47.

One of our most important emphases we put on each of these housechurches is that ALL are welcome! So whether you love our church and want to be connected with our family on a more intimate level or you aren't sure about our church yet and want to see what we're like on a more informal platform, you've come to the right place!

If you would like to join a housechurch or would simply like some more information about them, contact our housechurch minister.

For the protection and privacy of the children whose parents host these housechurches in their home, we do not list their names or home addresses on this webpage.