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Sunday Worship

Sun, Nov 1st at 9:30am

Dear NorthWest Family,

New this week (Oct 26 - Nov 1)

  • At worship on Sunday three shepherds - Frank Weaver, John Keller, and Chuck Morris - will share the preaching time in a panel-like discussion, sharing all the Shepherds' views of past, present and future. They hope to convey the heart of the eldership, call us to unity, and lay out a broad direction for the next few months. All available shepherds will then participate in a congregational Q&A in the auditorium during class time. Adult classes are cancelled so all can participate. Basic ground rules are:
  • We are not here to gossip or to disparage anyone. We will be respectful... Shepherds expect members to be respectful also.
  • There may be some questions that require privacy. We will honor that privacy and may not be able to answer some questions because of that.
  • For those NW folks joining us remotely for worship, here is a Zoom link to see the Q&A during class time. Casey will be able to use his ipad to video everyone in and if they type a question into the chat he can ask for them.
    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 886 4999 1583
    Passcode: NWCOC
Remember: Trunk or Treat Saturday night, October 31, at NW parking lot

Routine Stuff

  • Sunday worship - singing, scripture readings, prayer, Lord's Supper, and a panel discussion featuring three shepherds during the sermon.
  • Please follow the exit and enter signs posted on the porch and doors
  • Children age 3 yrs through 5th grade - drop off at 9:30 at awning downstairs. They will remain in care of the Children's Ministry until 11:30.
  • Youth - 6th grade up - will attend worship, then go to their own class.
New on Sunday, Nov 8
  • Starting next week a few Shepherds will be available 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall to meet with members to pray, answer questions, and discuss concerns.
Grace, Peace, and Blessings,
Your Shepherds

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