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Scavenger Hunt

Sat, Jul 25th at 9:00am

Remember all pictures can be taken while maintaining social distancing. Extra points for the most creative entries. Casey and I love to see creativity. Send all pictures/videos to Ashley @ ashley@nwchurch.us by 12pm on 7/24/20. We will tally the results and announce winners by Monday.

  1. A picture with a jolly fellow who always leaves presents at Christmas (2 points)
  2. A picture with someone who works in the medical field (2 points)
  3. A picture with a statue that is life-sized or larger (2 points)
  4. A picture with a NW minister or staff member (2 points)
  5. A picture with someone with a face covering other than a regular mask (1 point)
  6. A picture with a taco (1 point)
  7. A picture with five leaves that all look different (1 point)
  8. A picture of a family member dressed as a bible character (2 points)
  9. A picture of a tower of toilet paper (1 point)
  10. A picture at the Northwest Church of Christ Playground (2 points)
  11. Short Video of your families best air guitar player (2 points)
  12. A picture of the best silly face (1 point)
  13. A picture of someone touching the nose with their tongue (1 point)
  14. Picture of the funniest item in your home (1 point)
  15. A picture of something that starts with the letter Z (1 point)
  16. A picture of someone in a relaxing place (1 point)
  17. A picture of someone walking a dog (1 point)
  18. A picture of a license plate with number 6 in it (1 point)
  19. A picture with someone wearing a funny hat (1 point)
  20. A picture of a live animal that is NOT a dog, cat, or fish (2 points)
  21. A picture of a convertible automobile (1 point)
  22. A picture in front of any kind of body of water (1 point)
  23. A picture in front of any food truck (2 points)
  24. A picture featuring a basketball or basketball goal (1 point)
  25. A picture of a cross (1 point)