Wednesday Lessons

Wed, May 27th

The Rain of God

Marvin's Wednesday Night Lesson (5-27-20)

Wed, May 20th

Perceiving the Truth

Marvin's Wednesday night lesson on why some people perceive God's truth and others do not. 

Wed, May 6th

Becoming Like Our Teacher (Marvin's Class)

An exercise in Discipleship.

Wed, Apr 29th

Salvation in the Book of Acts

A study of salvation in the Book of Acts based on passages where the word "salvation" or "saved" is actually used. 

Wed, Apr 29th

Zechariah's First Vision

We start our new Bible study!!!

Wed, Apr 22nd

The Grammar of Salvation (Marvin's Class)

Is salvation past, present or future?

Wed, Apr 22nd

God Silences the Heavens

God listens when you pray and He silences heaven to hear your every cry

Wed, Apr 15th

John's Easter Epilogue

A study of John's final chapter of his gospel

Wed, Apr 15th

Salvation in Zechariah's Prophecy (Marvin's Class)

When Zechariah prophesies upon the birth of his son, John the Baptist, he mentions salvation three times. This lesson explores that prophecy and what we can learn about salvation from it. 

Wed, Apr 8th

Psalm 86--A Prayer for Help in Trouble

A Psalm that teaches us how to pray when we face troubles, neediness, or people opposing us.

Wed, Apr 1st

The Lord is My Light and My Salvation

A Psalm of Lament and Trust that looks to the Lord for salvation from danger and trouble.

Wed, Mar 25th

God Saves through Judges

Other Aspects of Salvation: Judges